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Toshiba Lighting launches new range of LED E-CORE retrofit tube lighting

Toshiba Lighting Division has launched E-CORE LED Tube Lighting, its new range of LED Retrofit Tube Lighting products. With160ºlight distribution and up to 105lm/W efficacy that is above the T8 fluorescent lamp, the range is weatherproof and comes with a safe change on electromagnetic ballast, requiring no rewiring, and therefore represents the easiest and safest and least expensive model available on the market for indoor and outdoor application.

Toshiba Lighting also places a special emphasis on design quality and appearance which are key to the commercial adaptation of this product for indoor store use. The design excellence means the E-CORE LED G13 product has altready been launched for warehouse and supermarket installation in Spain.

Compared to the traditional, the E-CORE LED G13 tube is designed to replace T8 linear fluorescent lamps which traditionally only have an average an energy efficiency ratio around 85lm/W. Moreover, whereas other LED tubes reach energy efficiency ratio very similar to traditional linear fluorescent tuves and only decrease energy consumption by offering product with lower power, the E-CORE LED tube has lower energy consumption but higher lumen output.

The wider light distribution angle makes the installation brighter and more comfortable for users. In a car park area, installing a traditional LED tube implies using lower output lighting solutions (around 120º). But with the E-CORE LED tube, users have more light, making the carpark a safer environment.

Product Specifications
The E-CORE LED G13 is very efficient with more than 100lm/W, it enables a saving of up to 67% of energy, it has a wide light distribution of 160º and a lifespan of 40,000 hours (L70). The safety to change it on the electromagnetic ballast is provided by a dummy starter that deactivates the ballast when installed. Overall a great, quick and safe solution that saves is less expensive than changing the entire lighting system.